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I cant post on my social site from groups... looking for resolve this...

JomSocial 4 Module Positions

What's the no_access module position for?

rodrigo joe corbata shared a photo. 7 days ago

Hello everyone!
Can somebody tell me how to apply the way to log in / log out as is here on the top bar?
Can somebody tell me where are the...
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Topher c.Rad This is a custom built template rodrigo joe corbata, I don't believe it's a setting within JomSocial or anything. 7 days ago
rodrigo joe corbata Thank you Topher! Im using Requiem from Rockettheme... off course with JS 4.1<br />Wish you the best!!!<br /> 7 days ago
Topher c.Rad shared 2 photos in the Stream Photos album 4 weeks ago

snapshot of 2 different domains, same site. Both sites are now running jomSocial 4.1.2 but an old "bug" is still present on one of the two sites. Does... Show more

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Topher c.Rad posted a new announcement2 months ago

JomSocial version 4.1

Yes, they've finally done it!

Slackers R Us


jomsocial v4.1 official release

Great job to everyone who has made v4.1 a successful bug-free release, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

rodrigo joe corbata commented on Topher c.Rad's photo 2 months ago

very cool

Feeling like we're on cloud 9 with v4.1
Topher c.Rad uploaded a video in Usability Testing event 2 months ago

Something strange this way comes from Bulgaria - feeling shocked - Buzludzha

Buzludzha Strange phenomena & happenings

Buzludja (Buzludzha) - Former Communist Party Headquarters in Bulgaria


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